Most of the FSP courses are taught in French, you are therefore requested to understand French enough to be able to attend lectures.

Should you not have a basic level of French, we recommend you to arrive in Brussels at least one month in advance to follow an intensive language training. Students whose level of French will be deemed insufficient by the ULB coordinator could be sent back to their home institution.

Free French course


If you are willing to improve your level of French, ULB offers free language courses to the exchange students

1) 30 hours module (3 ECTS)


Objective: improving oral and written expression at the “scientific” level (preparation to exams) as well as at the social level (communication with others). Classes start at the beginning of each term and take place once a week (3 hours/week), if possible after 4:00 p.m. in order to avoid overlaps with the other courses.

The module is designed for students who have an intermediate level and who are not absolute beginners.

Your admission to this course will depend on your result. If you applied for this course during your online registration, you are automatically registered to the level test. The number of places is indeed limited and your admission is not guaranteed.

2) 60 hours module (5 ECTS)

Levels : intermediate 1, intermediate 2, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2.
Your admission to this course will depend on your result.
To download your registration form to this module, please click here. The form has to be returned to the “Cellule Langues”.
The students that didn't manage to get a seats in any of those two courses, because of over-booking, are admitted to a 20h module free of charge at the Fondation 9 school.

Summer courses


1) Intensive course offered by the “Cellule Langues”

Designed for the future university students, this 75hrs course will help them to improve their language skills in French as well as their ability to understand the courses offered within their faculty.

- oral and written comprehension
- writing skills 
- pronunciation

Levels: intermediate I, intermediate II, and advanced. 

Registration fee: €75,-. To download the registration form, please click here. This form has to be returned to the “Cellule Langues”.

2) Summer classes organized by the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature
Objective: this course of French language and literature aims at improving the oral and written practice as well as discovering and studying the French-speaking literature and culture.
This 66hrs course is designed for students who wish to improve their French skills in grammar, conversation, and literature. The programme also includes visits and excursions in Belgium.

Levels: acquisition, advanced I and advanced II

Registration fee:  € 700 (courses only) or € 1120 (including the accommodation).
To dowlaod the registration form, please click here. This form has to be returned to the “Service de Coordination des Cours de Vacances”.

Private schools

French courses are also available in private schools close to ULB’s campuses, such as EPFC and Fondation 9. You should arrange for registration yourself by contacting the schools directly either before your arrival or once in Brussels. Discounts are often offered to ULB exchange students.

1) EPFC (Enseignement de Promotion et de Formation Continue)

Campus de la Plaine - CP 220
Bd du Triomphe, 1 - access 2 - Building HA
1050 Brussels
(Metro "Delta" or Bus 71)
Tel.: +32 2 650 59 59

2) Fondation 9
Avenue Louise 485
1050 Brussels
Tel.: +32 2 627 52 52