International relations

The Faculty of social and political sciences is reinforcing its collaboration with many universities across Europe and worldwide. As it is very active in promoting exchanges of students and professors, the faculty has more and more university partners year by year.

The faculty is notably working on agreements with North American, Chinese and Latin American universities, and is seeking to increase the number of double degree agreements at the master level.

Exchanges with European universities are possible through Erasmus agreements. As for non-European universities, agreements have to be signed either on the university or at the faculty level according to the different destinations. In some specific fields like anthropology, the faculty is part of a consortium or inter-university network.

Here are a few partner countries to name a few : Spain, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Cameroon, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Morocco, Canada, Japan, Russia, Brazil… The faculty has signed dougle degree agreements with France, Italy, Spain and the United States.

Information & contact Caroline Hourdry