Courses and exams

Course choice

Each exchange takes place in the frame of an agreement between the home institution and ULB according to one of the Phisoc majors.  At the ULB, you have the opportunity to take courses in your major but also in other departments according to your wishes and the requirements of your home university.

However, few rules have to be observed at the ULB: a minimum of 60% of your courses must be taken among the programs offered by the major you belong to (Political science for instance). A maximum of 40% of your courses can be chosen from other majors (social sciences for instance) or even ULB faculties.
For these courses, you need to find the information about the prerequisites and schedules by yourself.

Bachelor students can take a maximum of 2 Master courses provided they have reached the required level in the topic and after obtaining the approval of the ULB academic coordinator.

As an exchange Student, you are requested to register to 1 course at least. The exact number of courses or ECTS credits you will have to totalize during your exchange period has to be determined by your home institution.

Courses at the ULB are based on a credit system, called ECTS (European Credits Transfer System). Courses are categorized into teaching hours and labeled in the curriculum guide as theory (Th), seminars (Sém.), exercises (Ex.) and practical sessions (T.P. for “travaux pratiques”). Almost all our courses are worth 5 ECTS.

The catalogue of courses , http://banssbfr.ulb.ac.be/PROD_frFR/bzscrse.p_prog_catalog,  provides the entire ULB course offer, including courses description…Make your choice and select the correct academic year, the Faculty of Philosophy and social Sciences and your major at ULB.

The course schedule (GeHol): you have access to the course schedule by course name or by “mnémonique” http://gehol.ulb.ac.be/gehol/Vue/HoraireCours.php?semaine_unif=7

If the schedule doesn’t appear, it means it is taught during the second semester. Please verify this information in choosing “suivant”.

At the Bachelor level, most of our course are given in French. As mentioned in the agreement binding your university and ULB, the level B1 in French is required - even if we don't ask for a language certificate!

Please find the deadlines related to your final course choice (thanks for giving back to us the pink form received upon your arrival) and the learning agreement (only for Erasmus students):

  • 1st term : beginning of October
  • 2nd term : end of February

That means you have around 3 weeks to attend all courses and make your final choice as best as possible. Any modification might be done after the deadlines given above (on an exceptional basis).


Assessment methods at the ULB are as follows:

Written exams
Oral exams

The assessment method of each course may change from one year to another.  It will be specified by your professors.

RULE : Exchange students have to take their exams during the official exam periods, like all local students. It is therefore forbidden to organize one's exams individually with the professors or to try to negotiate the results obtained. Any problem regarding the exams has to be submitted to the Student Mobility Office.

Each student will have the possibility to retake the exams he/she has failed. In order to do so, he/she simply needs to register to the resit period (= “seconde session”) in due time and with the appropriate form online. The retake exams are gratis and will take place between Mid-August and the beginning of September in Brussels.

FYI: From the academic year 2014-2015, the University members of the French Community of Belgium grant academic success with grades from 10/20 (rather than 12/20 as before).


Transcript of records

The official transcript of records will be sent directly to the home institution coordinator, firstly by email (the student is in cc) then by post (a copy is included for the student). The transcripts will be sent in the course of March for the 1st term students and in the course of July for the 2nd term/academic year students.


Incoming students have the possibility to do an internship but he/she will get no credits for it. Please contact the ULB internship office once you have found an internship. An internship contract will be provided to you by our Faculty at least one week before the beginning of the internship.
Be careful: this internship can't be done during your courses or exams.