Majors in our Faculty and registration procedures

Should you wish to spend an exchange period in the Faculty of Philosophy and social Sciences?

First make sure that your home institution is part of our partners.

Second step: contact the International Office of your home university in order to inquire about its selection procedure.

Majors available to incoming students (regarding the agreement with your university) :

  • Political Science (Political science, International Relations, European Studies)
  • Social Sciences ( Sociology,  Anthropology)
  • Labor Sciences (Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, Social Work)
  • History
  • Art history
  • Archeology
  • Cultural management
  • Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Sciences of Religions and Secular Thought


Your exchange step by step

Before your exchange

You have been selected by the International Office of your home institution?
Your official application must then be e-mailed by your home coordinator by May 15thfor the 1st term exchange students and by October 15thfor the 2nd term exchange students.
Our reply to your application will follow immediately.


You have received a positive answer from us by email.
This will be followed by an informative email explaining the various administrative steps to complete. This email is a summary of the information that we have entitled "Info Pack 1".
Then, student mobility office   will send your "Info Pack 2" by regular mail including the official acceptance letter, the visa letter and the Guide 1 (upon your arrival you will receive the "info pack 3" along with the Guide 2 and the course choice form).

 Preparing your departure

Non-EU citizens should contact the Belgian embassy or consulate of their home country to enquire about the administrative procedure. Should you need to apply for a visa, please note that your acceptance letter will be required.

Our University doesn’t provide student housing to exchange students. You will therefore have to look for private-rented accommodation, as about 90% of the exchange students. We also provide you with some help in sending you ads coming from private owners.
Even if we strongly recommend all the students to find a student room before their arrival in Brussels, you should not be afraid in case you have not managed to find one. In that case, we advise you to arrive at least one week before the beginning of the courses and to book a room in a youth hostel for your first nights in Brussels.

Please make sure that you will be covered by an insurance in case of illness or accident. Indeed, the mandatory ULB insurance (€12,-) only covers you in case of accidents on the campus or on your way to it during the course hours.

When setting a budget for your exchange period, take the average cost of living in Belgium into account. 

Should you buy a return ticket, please make sure that the return travel is not scheduled during the official exam period.

The student association EXPRESS can welcome you at your arrival in Brussels. Please do not hesitate to visit the Express website to enquire about the welcome week, the activities planned for the semester and to fill in the Express welcome form.

During your exchange

Registration to the town hall (= "commune")
As soon as you have moved in your apartment/student room, please register to the foreign office of your commune within 8 days after your arrival.

Welcome/information meetings
A mandatory welcome meeting and a Q&A session are organized for the exchange students before the beginning of the courses. These meetings aim at informing you about the courses which are open to you (and the registration procedures), the exam rules and the services available at the ULB.