Practical informations


In Belgium, a student’s housing is called “kot”. Finding a student flat/room for a 5 or 6 months period may take some time.  We therefore recommend you to look for accommodation as soon as possible.  However, do not worry too much if you do not find any accommodation before your arrival.  In that case we advise you to book a room in a youth hostel for your first nights in Brussels or in a hotel, although this is more expensive.  This will enable you to make your search comfortably.

Room in residence

Unfortunately we will not have any room in students’ halls to allocate to exchange students during the academic year. Therefore our exchange students will have to look for accommodation in the private sector.


Room in the private sector

If you have not found any accommodation before arriving in Brussels, the first thing to do is to check the accommodation advertisements which are to be found in the ULB halls as well as at the ULB “Office du Logement”, which is located on the 1st floor of the F building, between the university restaurants (entry outside, by the parking lot).  You can also walk around the university campus and look for postings “à louer” (for rent).  Finally, the EXPRESS association will do its best to help you in your search.


Please find some helpful websites:


Please note that the Université libre de Bruxelles is the intermediary between the student and the owner but has no legal position and responsibility in this matter.


Health insurance

Students from EU countries: please don't forget to ask for a European health insurance card (specific to your studies abroad) before coming to Brussels. This will be provided to you by your local health insurance company. It will prove that you are regularly registered there, cover your health care during your study period and allow you to register free of charge in a Belgian “mutuelle” (Belgian Social Security which refunds medical expenses). If you use the ULB medical services, you will only pay the fees which will be refunded by your “mutuelle”.


Students from other countries: you can register to a Belgian “mutuelle” when you are in Brussels but you will need to pay a monthly fee.  You can also subscribe to a private insurance in your home country on top of it.


Compulsory ULB insurance

Any student registered at the ULB is automatically covered by a compulsory individual insurance covering “physical injuries”. This insurance will cover you on the different sites of the university as well as during your trips between your residence in Brussels and the ULB sites (as part of your academic activities on the whole). The €12 insurance fee will enable you to get from the university’s insurance company a refund of the medical expenses which will not be refunded by the Belgian Health Care system. Moreover, you will be covered for any injury you might cause to someone due to possible mistakes, negligence or lack of vigilance as long as the injury has been caused on a ULB site during your student activities. 


European students will pay this insurance fee online - via MONULB. Should an accident happen to you (falling down in the stairs, a road accident, etc.), please make sure to introduce your request at the Insurance Department of ULB within 3 days after the injury was caused.



Exchange students holding a student card can join the university libraries.

Medical Services

The ULB Medical Center provides preventive, emergency and general health care as well as specialized and sports medicine for students on the “Campus du Solbosch”.

Counseling is also available at “Psy-Campus" .
Brussels also has numerous private and public hospitals.


The Sport Secretariat  makes the sports halls of the “Campus du Solbosch” at the disposal of the university community.

The “Campus of Solbosch” has a sports hall, judo, gym, table tennis, fencing and shooting. Outdoor activities are also available: athletics, football and tennis.
There are thus many opportunities to do almost every sport.

Cultural activities

ULB-Culture” organizes events such as film evenings, concerts, exhibitions, etc. on the “Campus du Solbosch”.


Association Express

Express was initially founded by ULB students. This Association organizes activities for Exchange Students (visits, meetings, parties...).



The restaurant of “Campus du Solbosch” is located in the F1 building at the Solbosch and its surroundings offer a number of small restaurants serving inexpensive meals and “plats du jour” (daily specials).



On “Campus du Solbosch”, a branch of ING Bank and an ATM (automated teller machine) can be found on the ground floor of the F1 building. There are several other banks in the immediate surroundings of the campus.

Travel agency

The travel agency is located on “Campus du Solbosch”, on the ground floor of the F1 building. It sometimes offers reduced fares for students.


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